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Birdie (formerly known as Canairi) is a visual Fresh Air Monitor that helps people worldwide achieve a better indoor climate. When the bird dies, it's time to open your windows and bring it back to life.

We helped Birdie launch their new Visual Identity, Social Media and Packaging Design, strongly rooted in simple and clean Danish design.

Did you know that 90% of your life is spend indoors? — Very often in poor air quality, which increases the risk of asthma, headache, allergies and sleep disorders. Just in the EU, 80 million homes is estimated to have a poor indoor climate.

Birdie® (Canairi®)
Visual Identity
Logo Design
Packaging Design
Motion Design
January 2023

We helped Canairi (Birdie) create a new visual identity and image style that embodies the feeling of letting fresh air inside of your home. With a fresh color palette using the main color of Canari (Birdie) and the sun coming from a nearby window we achieved a visual language of a clean indoor environment.

Canairi's (Birdie's) main sales and promotion goes through social media, so naturally we created different social media templates to help Canairi (Birdie) achieve a beautiful, clean and consistent environment throughout all their social media platforms.

Since launching Canairi they changed their name to Birdie. We created the new logo for Birdie's re-launch - same identity with a new and bright beginning!

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